Sunday, 21 August 2016

They are hard to come by,true friends.
True friends are not always the ones you know.
They will walk up to you, true friends.
True friends are those that come to sort you out.

True friends, who are they?
They will come to your aid, in the darkest hour.
True friends, they will hold your hand,
Just as you start to stumble and fall.

True friends are a joy to behold,
They are jewels,true friends.
When you are opposed,
These true friends will stand by you,with you.

True friends are a blessing,
They do what it takes to show you the way.
Wen you get lost or at risk of,
True friends will bring a compass.

True friends have a mirror through which you will see,
True friends, they make you see yourself through their eyes.
True friends support your positive plans,
They plug holes in your ideas, to make them better.

True friends wish you nothing, but the best,
True friends are better than your siblings at times.
True friends form a bond unlike unrequited love,
True friends are never an endangered species.

True friends engender compassion,
True friends will not bother with your celebration
Of success as much as how to make you successful.
True friends are the embodiment of things great.

True friends do not despise you or envy you,
True friends ask how they can be like you
True friends want you to emulate their blueprint
True friends want you up.

True friends, oh true friends!
What a joy,true friends.
I shall sing the song of peace,
For you my true friends.

True friends, I shall wallow in the sea of sultry tunes,
True friends, I stand for you have stood with me.
True friends,I watch as you come and go,
True friends, you compliment me.

To you my friends who are yet to be friends,
The world needs more true friends,
The world is full of lies,true friends
With you true friends, this is a better world!

Friday, 12 August 2016


As the rain falls,so do my tears.
As the ground gets wet,so do I.
As the mud forms,so do I.
As the tree branches swirl, so do I.

As the wind blows, so do I,
As the sand spreads, so do I.
As the seas are calm, so am I,
As the forests are luscious, so am I.

As the heat warms, So do I,
As the cold bites,so do I.
As the pollen rises,so do I,
As the flowers bloom,so do I.

As the mist settles, so do I,
As the river runs, so do I.
As the waterfalls drop, so do I,
As the river runs dry, so do I.

As the moon shines, so do I,
As the stars twinkle, so do I.
As the moon takes of the sun,so do I,
As the stars shine on you, so do I!

Saturday, 6 August 2016


As a river flows,so does love flow,
As a flower blooms, so does love bloom.
As drought brings withering flowers,
So does a love not watered.

As a rock is strong,
So solid, is love.
As the wind blows,
So does the love of your life move you.

As patience is profound,
So does love,as a virtue.
As the flora is flaunted,
So is love never hidden.

As one is betrothed to another,
So does love pave the way.
As the animals hunt,
So is love sought.

As life is lived,
So should love be inculcated.
As the morning is misty,
So fresh should love seem.

Thursday, 4 August 2016


I did not know I had friends,
Until somebody had to stop traffic for me.
I did not know I had friends until somebody
had to watch the road for me.

I did not know I had friends, until somebody had to give up their pleasure,for my comfort.
I did not know I had friends,
Until somebody had to miss a day's work
because I had a hospital appointment.

I did not know I had friends
Until I fell ill and could not support myself.
I did not know I had friends,
Until somebody had to loose something.
so that I could gain.

I did not know I had friends,
Until somebody said they loved me to make me feel better.
I did not know I had friends until I became so sick.
I did not know that anybody cared
Until I could not care for myself.

I did not know I had neighbours,
Until I needed to know.
I did not know God existed
Until I became so desperate.

I did not know I was so human
Until somebody made me feel less human.
I did not know anything,
Until somebody said I knew.

Now I know something,
That I never knew anything.
Until I was accused of knowing something,
Something I still know not!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

My mother, like most, was a wonderful woman.
She bequeathed me great morals, but her love for me was extreme.
She showed me what it takes by her actions.
As a respected member of her community, she sat on all the Boards of Governors in my locality.
She was a morally upright woman.
A woman of stature.
Never grandstanding(no chocha).
A woman like others. She made sense when she had to opine.
She was an entrepreneur.
She was selfless.
Since I could comprehend,
We lived with relatives and relatives of friends.
Through her lifetime she made great strides.
She chose her friends wisely.
They were very similar.
My younger brother and I lived with some when she went back to college,
She was keen on education.
She paid through the nose as a widow.
She was ably supported by great relatives.
My uncle at my father's burial lightened the load.
He chose to pay my tuition fees.
He did this without failing.
He even started buying me uniforms, the type my mum would never have afforded.
I was accorded the pleasure of switching from one school to the then Kakamega High School.
This was my dad's doing. He had formed great relationships with others in the know.
He passed on in 1992 while I was in form two.
I remember the man with effusive nostalgia.
He did not have much to say.
If he had to express himself, it was love or discipline.
He was unencumbered by life's intricacies.
Whenever he cane back home from slogging it out,
We all got on our toes.
One had to take stock of what had been done right or wrong.
Getting in his intermittent and temporary black book would accord you some lashings.
I remember an occasion on a Saturday like this, when he called the three boys back from our usual sojourns with the neighbours.
The man had taken note of our disorganised room.
My late elder brother, went in first. I followed and the other love of my life, that intelligent Rastaman of a brother I have, last.
Within moments of entry into the mess of a room, he asked us what was wrong with the room.
What a rhetorical question that was.
Upon that direction and with no detection of a cane,
We embarked on putting the room in order.
No sooner had we commenced than the gent, swiftly lashed my elder brother who wailed instantly like a boy hit by a bolt of lightning.
Upon the profane act of pain infliction, my brother and I scampered together for the door.
He was quicker, yet being a coward I beat him to it.
I opened the door in haste and took off at the speed of a fighter jet.
With him in tow, we ran into the bright sunlight and into my uncle's homestead.
My mother shall always remain the essence of my life.
She has been gone since 2003 but in me her spirit of love burns fiercely. It's an ember that I pass on at any given opportunity.
She made me the man I am, a feminist to boot.
her love taught me how wonderful women are.
Never having been hit by her lover aka husband,
I learnt to never hit a woman.
I only ever hit a girl in primary school. I have been apologising for decades since the awful act. She has forgiven me.
My mother did her best for us a s family.
She was my first love, a philanthropist extra ordinaire.
She put her all in all she did.
She always stated that a chore must be done perfectly.
Yes, she was a perfectionist.
If you could not do it properly, she would tell you off.
"If you did not want to do it you should not have bothered" was her mantra.
I loved that woman as I still do to date.
I am lucky that her sister was raised in the same mould.
Wonderful sisters, even the third one.
My matriarchal uncles are so cool and calm, albeit strict.
Their children, such loving and wonderful souls.
Life has accorded me a lot.
On this occasion when I dedicate this to the one irreplaceable woman, I dedicate this to my sisters Sylvia, Milly and Linda.
We truly had a gem of a mother. We are who we are for her.
To the mothers who are like the one I loved so deeply, keep it up.
To those girls aspiring to mother, I hope you can emulate what my mother was and in my heart still remains.
To the boys, your mother is your first love. Those who still have theirs cherish them.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Love is like a wild flower,
It grows anywhere.
In the harshest weather,
It survives.
In optimum conditions,
It thrives.
Love is like the sun,
It lights the heart.
In the heat of love,
The rays can burn the heart.
As the sun provides for the moon,
So does love nourish the soul.
Love is like a forest,
With compassion,tenderness,peaceable,
Compromising,jealous, longing,
Caring,Defending,sensitive, triumphant.
Just like a myriad flora and fauna,
Love presents in numerous facets.
Love is like a river,
Calmly and wildly flowing.
Just like a river reacts according to the weather,
So does love react according to its reception.
With waterfalls in some places,
In others utter calm.
Love is wild yet often tamed.
Love is all encompassing.
Love is enduring.
In good and bad times,
Love is a shining light.
Love is a fire that ceaselessly burns.
With love all dreams are made real.
I dedicate this to all the lovers out there.

Friday, 8 July 2016


On this day, Friday 08/07/2016, I stand in solidarity with the course of being right by virtue of my skin colour. I, along with many others and the families of the murdered four feel a grave injustice and sorrow at their passing at the hands of the convoluted criminals.
I am on this day utterly irate at a system that judges a man only by colour. Being black is neither a disease nor a disability. Nobody chooses the colour they are born with. African Americans have suffered under the hands of these nefarious criminals called the police.
For how long will black human beings be treated as second rate and second class? First it was slavery, and with it came a thuggery that has never left the black psyche. Mired into the doldrums of mental stifle. Permanently enslaved.
A black man in this world works twice as hard to get the same chances and opportunities another race is accorded as a matter of course.
I am on this day pacified by the actions of Caucasians,those who walk side by side with their black friends, neighbours and all other monikers you can Christen. I am just glad, that though the system is festered,festooned and saddled with institutionalised racism, not all who are not black deem it fit or fair.

Every human life matters. Nobody has the right to neuter another's life. Not even the white racist American police. They have a legal system which should address criminality and not lethal force where it's uncalled for. When you carry weapons, expect weapons to be used against you. In the case of the supremacist Police forces of the great Uncle Sam, their weapon is discrimination. To be black is deemed a crime in the USA. It has been the case from the advent of slavery. It continues unabated.
Martin Luther King would have been unimpressed by having a black President and slavery continues. Malcolm X would have had a field day,albeit of mourning.Rosa Parks and Ralph Abernathy cringe in their graves at a sniper who uses deadly force against evil that you can't take down.
The forces of the grand and the great, need to educate eruditely the general character flaws of wanton disregard and injustice. Most imperative, the American elites, need to roll out a plan of enlightening the masses, at the fore, the state of policing.

Americans need to divorce their first girlfriend. THE GUN.
When a black life is muted to the violence of officialdom that smacks of specious intonations, we as a human race lose something. We erode our ability to feel what pain others feel when we keep shooting at will and blaming it on the colour of your perceived adversary.
It takes a lot of planning and intent for a man to rise with intent to mow down another through a lens. We must all sit at the table of humanity. We must all be #Philando. We must all become black and look at life through the prism of being black.
I do not condone violence but so long as our love for each is superseded by our judgement based on the colour of a man's eyes and not the content of his character, we shall forever flirt with our obsessive compulsion to defend the indefensible.
There has never been a better time for the African American leaders to stand up and do more dialogue. There has never been a better opportunity to show some love and respect for another, only on this occasion, just because they don't belong to your race. There has never been a time when level headed police leaders need to issue orders to back down from the killing. It's time to stop the carnage. The police have no RIGHT to take the lives of others, blacks or whites. Let that be served by the Justice department.There has never been a better time than now.

I dedicate this to all those who have lost loved ones in the struggle to be accorded the same rights and opportunities. It's my prayer that we shall learn to love one another and not feel threatened by our differences. GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS THE WORLD, GOD BLESS HUMANITY.